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Our Process

Pre-Construction and Construction

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Pre- Construction

With an Integrated Design Plan approach, Westbury Builders is with you every step of the way. After signing our Pre-Construction Service Agreement we partner with the architect and interior designer along the design of your home and creation of the construction plans. With a preselected team of contractors we are able to provide real time costs while you make design selections. This ensures you are getting the best results and quality for your custom home. After simultaneously building the construction plans, specifications, and budget we are able to provide a final proposal.


After financing has been obtained and a draw schedule established- construction will begin. Communication of development and project transparency is our highest priority at Westbury Builders. From lot clearing to final paint touch ups we take pride on building with craftsmanship and providing a superior service to our clients.

We will host several onsite and phone call meetings throughout construction to go over any questions or project interests you may have. Contract fulfillment will be ensured through a concluding walkthrough before final sign off so we can confirm your satisfaction in your personalized home. At this time we will also discuss a 30 day Welcome Home meeting and all warranties. 

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