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"Malachi is everything that you would look for in not only a project manager, but as a builder. He has excellent communication skills, impeccable follow up and is readily available should there be any questions that need to be answered. He listens to questions or concerns, addresses each question in depth and leaves one with a sense of understanding that things will be done as promised. Malachi is a man of action and not just words, which is a rare trait to find considering the typical run around or excuses one gets when asking for updates and timelines. Malachi personally helped walk us through each and every stage of the build process and kept us informed if there were any changes or delays that were happening and how they would be reconciled. He introduced us to our trades and their respective managers, let us know who to contact if we had direct questions for them, provided the guidance and advice we would ask for when asking multiple questions about things we were unsure of. He always followed back up to make sure there were no remaining questions about the process and expectations that we should have moving forward. If you are looking for someone to either partner with, work besides or build you a house from beginning to end, we cannot recommend anyone better than him, Malachi Bauman is an exceptional individual that carries a strong moral compass, compassion for his clients, a leader in the industry that is plagued with excuses for not delivering results and someone that partners with his clients to make sure that in the end, all expectations are not only met, but far exceeded."

The Vissers
New Braunfels, TX

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The Guerras
Helotes, TX

"Several months into our construction, our homebuilder notified us that we would be getting a new superintendent who he described as exceptional – someone with rave reviews in the industry. In very short order we discovered it was no exaggeration. From day one Malachi was attentive, detail-oriented, communicative and knowledgeable. In particular, those last two traits were  difference-makers. Malachi stayed in constant contact, responded to our messages promptly, and communicated clearly. And whenever we had a question about anything – A/C, plumbing, electrical, etc., he was able to answer our questions and provide direction. For more than 25 years we owned an advertising, marketing and public relations firm with local, regional and national clients. (We recently sold the agency.) Beyond the work product, it was a business built entirely on customer service and relationships. If we failed at this, we would fail entirely, so we always placed a premium on taking care of our customers. Malachi gets it. No matter what we asked or even demanded of him, he always remained calm, positive, and ready with a solution. Over time, we came to understand his integrity and place our trust in him. Finally, my wife Teresa and I appreciated Malachi’s cheerfulness and  kindness. And we could not be more supportive of him as he works to build other families their dream homes."

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The Hunters
Canyon Lake, TX

"Malachi was the project manager for our custom home in Canyon Lake. Malachi was a great advocate for us with the contractors and caught things that we would have missed. He was responsive when we had questions/concerns and had excellent ideas related to our home as far as placement to maximize views, additional windows to bring in more of the lake and just generally helpful suggestions. It’s hard to imagine this process without him. The best thing I can say about Malachi is if we chose to build another custom home I would reach out to him first. Thank you for building our dream home."

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Scott Mathis
Owner- Kustom Beams

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Malachi for over a year now. In this time I’ve been nothing but impressed at his attention to scheduling and not sending us out unless he was fully ready for us. Most importantly to me is his utmost respect for the workers I’ve sent out. He has held me accountable to keep my committed dates and I do so because I know he has trades waiting on me to complete my scope, as he keeps his schedule. I have even told Malachi that if I ever started building houses I would be looking for exactly who he is to hire. Been a pleasure working with him, and hope to continue see  him in the field."

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Antonio Ochoa 
Owner- 2 Rivers Electric

"I have worked with Malachi Bauman for four years and during that time I have been able to witness the strong work ethic he has. His dependable communication has made him a valuable team player and has steered circumstances from escalating to potentially unnecessary problems. This has made working with Malachi enjoyable. In addition, Malachi displays a positive attitude even under pressure that construction projects can produce. He has always shown respect to my employees and myself. Malachi exhibits many qualities that anyone he interacts with, like myself, would be in advantage to have a work relationship with. Malachi exudes confidence in his leadership and it is shown in his work quality. I have no doubt that Malachi will have continued success in anything that he does."

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